Eaves B-24 Crew

Eaves' B-24 Crew

Silver Wings Falling Down

Based on a True WWII Story of Courage and Faith

The young men and boys who flew the bombers over the German war machine in WWII had incredible endurance and courage. Yvonne’s uncle, 1st Lt. William T. Eaves, a Silver Star recipient, was the pilot of a B-24 bomber in the 464th Bombardment Group, Fifteenth Air Force, stationed in Italy. Silver Wings Falling Down documents his true story of courage and danger, romance and faith.

Silver Pilot Winga

Silver Pilot Wings

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Silver Star Award

Silver Star Award

Leaving the oil fields of West Texas soon after Pearl Harbor, W.T. Eaves enlists in the Army Air Corps and earns his wings, fulfilling a boyhood dream. While stationed in Galveston, he meets the love of his life, Jean, and they marry only a few months before he flies overseas.

Beginning with a daunting crossing of the Atlantic, Eaves and his crew face challenges that test their teamwork and endurance. Day after day they run the gauntlet of flak and battle the Luftwaffe to deliver their planeload of bombs to destroy Hitler’s war machine. Time and time again they beat the odds as they watch comrades fall in combat.

But before completing their thirty missions, luck runs out. Flak destroys an engine and somewhere over Yugoslavia, twenty enemy fighters swarm in for the kill. Another engine bursts into flames. Eaves stays at the controls and orders his men to bail out. At the last minute he leaps, floating down behind German lines.

A miracle vision keeps his young bride’s hopes alive when the devastating telegram arrives designating him “Missing in Action.” Fervently, she and his family prayed for God’s hand of mercy to help Eaves and his men evade the enemy and return home.

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