Stories based on true WWII events

Silver Wings at War

Yvonne Kays

Yvonne was inspired by the true WWII stories of two bomber boys, her uncles:

1st Lt. William T. Eaves, the pilot of a B-24 bomber in the 464th Bomb Group flying with the Fifteenth Air Force out of Italy and recipient of a Silver Star.

Tech/Sgt. Walker “Spike” Hale Jr., a radio operator and technical gunner on a B-17 in the 490th Bomb Group in England and recipient of a Purple Heart.

Research uncovered incredible stories of courage and danger, romance and faith. The historical fiction series, Silver Wings at War, is based on military history and their own true stories. These unsung heroes helped destroy the German war machine and paved the way for Allied victory. Learn more.

B-24 Liberator crew

1st Lt. William T. Eaves and his B-24H Liberator crew exemplified the valor, comradeship and endurance of the young men called to aerial combat over Europe in WWII.

464th Bomb Group

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